About me

                            Artist Statement


I like to think that art is a reflection of the spirit, a tangle of emotion, a spark from within; that eventually ignites into something far beyond the realm of words and reality. It has the ability to inspire one to imagine the unbelievable.  That being said, I have no words to describe the soul of my work. It will speak to everyone differently, and my hopes are to rekindle the magic held within us all.

Growing up on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, has allowed me the privilege to slow down and and take time to explore the hidden wonders of our temperate rain forests, rugged mountains, and raw coastlines.  I cannot deny this has made a great impact on me as a person, but also as an artist.

Working as a prop making assistant on the three Hobbit films in New Zealand for eight months furthered my skills in various mediums, which fueled my interest in many forms of creation; this lead to some exciting commissions from Weta Workshop's founder, Richard Taylor.

Whilst in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2014, I was very lucky to be contacted by the jewellers of Game Of Thrones (Steensons) in regards to join their team that season, while also getting an audition for a small part as a Wildling.  I took that position, since I want to try as many avenues I can within the various departments of film.... It all thrills me!

  I have now set my sights on Production Design, to allow my own visual concepts to come to life on screen.  Be it here or across the vast seas, I look forward to evolve within this new direction, and fully immerse myself into an ever changing world of wonder and curiosity.

                                                You may contact me at                                                                               chelseamainwaring@hotmail.com  

For industry references from:  Hobbit concept artist John Howe and Weapons maker Steve Wheeler, and Game Of thrones Assistant Stunt director Richard Bradshaw please contact me.